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June 25, 2023 PRPF Workshop @Jóia Clinic Kyoto

On Sunday, June 25, a large number of plastic surgeons attended this year's event.

I have been working on my original regenerative medicine PRPF for 15 years despite almost being defeated by the headwinds,

Last month, I was able to obtain a trademark registration for my original regenerative medicine, PRPF.

We are determined to further clarify the difference between PRPF therapy and other similar treatments that simply add growth factors to PRP, which are often troublesome, and to properly promote PRPF to the public.

We are convinced that PRPF is the best treatment for dark circles under the eyes, better than hyaluronic acid, fat injections, or lipo+fat injections. But it requires strict standards and the skill of the doctor.

The members of the PRPF Therapy Study Group are all plastic surgeons and are all sincere doctors who are only regular members of JSAPS.


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